At Vetted Patriots, Inc., we are more than just a support organization; we are a community that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic empowerment for veterans. We believe in the potential of veterans to succeed in the business world and are committed to turning their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Our unique approach to business incubation and support sets us apart.

Our Vision

At Vetted Patriots, Inc., our vision is to empower veterans with entrepreneurial aspirations, support them in realizing their business dreams, and bring about life-changing results.

Imagine a Future

Imagine a future where veterans come together, driven by the shared goal of building successful businesses. Our space is a hub of collaboration, innovation, and support. We provide the platform where business ideas are born, comprehensive business plans take shape, and entrepreneurial dreams are brought to life.

How It Works

1. Business Collaboration: We bring veterans together, providing them with a supportive environment to brainstorm and explore business opportunities. Our resident veterans have access to conference spaces, offices, computers, and high-speed Internet connections.

2. Business Planning: We assist veterans in formulating solid business ideas and developing comprehensive business plans. A well-structured plan is the foundation of any successful business.

3. Partnership: Vetted Patriots partners with veterans, sharing ownership, and taking care of the financial burden of launching and operating a small business. Our commitment is to alleviate the administrative challenges, so veterans can focus on their core business operations.

4. Comprehensive Business Support: We handle all the essentials, from answering phones, building websites, sourcing vendors, and creating marketing materials to payment processing, HR management, payroll, and technology resources. Our goal is to remove the administrative burden, so veterans can focus on their core business operations.

5. Job Creation and Training: As we help build successful businesses, we create jobs and provide job training for veterans. It’s a win-win scenario, as our resident veterans gain productive employment, and we all benefit from a growing business community.

6. Homelessness Prevention: Vetted Patriots takes pride in supporting veterans in need, offering a chance to transition from homelessness or near-homelessness to stability, independence, and success.

The Impact We Create

The impact we create resonates far and wide. It’s the success stories of veterans-turned-entrepreneurs, the creation of jobs, the provision of job training, and the prevention of homelessness for veterans and their families. We take pride in offering a path from homelessness or near-homelessness to stability, independence, and prosperity.

Community and Collaboration

Our space becomes a vibrant community of veterans building businesses, supporting one another, and fostering economic growth. We envision the day when the businesses we support not only succeed but also create opportunities for other veterans, a cycle of success that benefits everyone involved.

A Brighter Future for All

By assisting veterans and their families in their journey towards self-sufficiency and success, we contribute to a brighter future for those who have sacrificed for our nation. The impact is real, measurable, and life-changing, and it fuels our dedication to serving veterans and building a better tomorrow for all.

Get Involved

Join us in making a difference. If you’re a veteran with entrepreneurial aspirations or want to support our mission, we invite you to be part of our journey. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and the impactful work we do.

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